I adopted Lola back in February of this year; she was probably close to five weeks old, even though the pound said she was closer to ten weeks.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into really.  I thought the puppy would be easy, something you could mold and form into the perfect dog.

I was wrong; she has her own personality, needs, and hangups.  Adopting Lola has been a family affair.  My parents help take care of her when I am in the office, in a way we almost split custody with her while I am working.  We do this because she has some major separation issues.  I am sure that part of it arises from the fact she was adopted out so young, and the other part I have read just deals with being a Beagle.

She is incredibly stubborn but intelligent; a chow hound to the extreme.  If there’s people food to be had, she can devise a way to blitz attack to grab it out of your hand before you even realize it’s gone.  She’s learned that if the child gate is facing the inside she can take her nose and hit the lever up, and then run through the gate.  She’s learned that she can open the kennel if it’s not closed thoroughly.  She even mastered the “I have something in my mouth that I shouldn’t have so I am going to run to the opposite side of the table so you can’t catch me” move.

I had her with me in the condo this weekend; giving my parents a break and letting me spend time with her.  Because she’s still a puppy she has to taste everything that’s on the ground; no matter what.  To her a leaf is a delicacy.  After that she will treat herself to a  five course meal of mulch and dirt.  This behavior keeps her on a leash when she’s out and about.  It’s easier to control where you don’t want her to go when you have her next to you.  The condo community that I live in has a dog run; Lola’s never been to a dog run before.  She’s really never been off a leash to run around because of the whole eating dirt thing.

I thought that this might be some great exercise for her; and it might be a way for me to wear her down so I could get in my Insanity workouts.  I was wrong, the thirty minutes twice a day in the dog park didn’t wear her out.  She was a little hesitant at first, but finally got into it once she realized she could run around.

Anyways, I cut this video of her playing over the weekend.  It’s kinda very amateurish right now (it was my first iMovie, movie).  I have a bit to improve upon.

Beyond Lola, I am still working towards my goal.  I feel like I am getting stronger in Insanity.  I am kind of disappointed in the amount of weight I have not yet lost though.  I keep pushing through though.  I need to get myself prepared for Out & Equal.  I don’t think that there will be a huge transformation, in terms of my body for the conference.  It would be nice though to be around 195 versus my 203.  I am sure that’s totally doable.  I just need to focus in on the diet a lot more.  I need to avoid the twelve pack of soda my mother bought for me over the weekend, and focus on the water.

I’m saying focus a lot.  I feel like the Christopher Meloni character in Runaway Bride.  Yes, I just threw a pretty poor movie reference out there for you. I tried to find a YouTube clip and failed.  Essentially, it’s mumbo jumbo used to focus on yourself instead of the outside world and the line in the movie was “Focus on Maggie” and I can just hear myself saying “Focus on Shawn”… Crikey..

Anyways.  Until tomorrow.

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